Visas for Artists & athletes

The P visa may be issued to Foreign nationals who are temporarily coming to the U.S.:

  • to perform individually or as part of a team at an athletic competition with an internationally recognized level of performance;
  • to perform with an entertainment group that has been internationally recognized in its field, provided the individual has had at least one year performance relationship with the group as a performer or provides functions necessary to the performance;
  • to perform in a reciprocal exchange program between the U.S. organization and one or more foreign exchange organizations that provide for the exchange of artists and entertainers;
  • to perform, teach or coach as an individual or part of a group on a program that is culturally unique; or
  • is a dependent of a P visa holder in one of the above categories

Petition for a P visa may be filed by a U.S. company or an authorized U.S. agent with the Immigration Regional Service Center having jurisdiction over the place of intended employment. Authorized agents are those who usually arrange short-term employment on behalf of self-employed individuals. In most cases, the employer must consult with the appropriate union or peer group regarding the nature of work to be done and the qualifications of the foreign nationals. P visas may be granted for the period required to complete the competition or event. The maximum initial term allowable for an individual athlete is five years, for a total period of stay not to exceed ten years. The maximum initial term for athletic teams, entertainment groups is one year. Extensions in these categories may be granted in the increments of one year to continue or complete the activity or event for which they were admitted.

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