Visas for Exchange Visitors

The J-1 exchange visitor visas allow the admission of foreign professionals and others to work, study, and receive training in the U.S. All applicants for the J-1 visa must obtain a form DS-2019 from a designated sponsoring organization, which monitors the work, training, or education provided by the prospective U.S. employer or university. Applications for J-1 visas are filed with the US consulate of the foreign national’s place of residence. However, if the foreign national is in the US under a different type of visa he/she may apply for change of status to J-1 before the US Citizenship & Immigration Services. Admission to the US under the J-1visa may be for up to 18 months for training to several years for a college of University student.

Upon completion of their J-1 visa program, certain J-1 visa holders must return to their home country for two years before they may apply for change of status, be readmitted with certain visas, or become a permanent resident, even if they are married to US citizens. However, the foreign residence requirement may be waived if certain requirements are met.

The following are J-1 program categories:

  • Physicians
  • Teachers
  • Professors and Research Scholars
  • Trainees
  • Au Pairs
  • International Visitors
  • Camp Counselors
  • Specialists
  • Government Visitors
  • Post Secondary Students
  • Summer Work/Travel for Post Secondary Students
  • Secondary Students
  • Short Term Scholars

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